Casting classification
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Casting classification

2017/05/18 17:16
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    Sand casting: low cost, small batch, complex shape can be processed, but may require a large number of post-processing processes.

    Investment casting / lost wax casting: this method of machining has high continuity and accuracy, and can also be used to process complex shapes. It is under relatively low processing costs premise, can achieve very perfect surface effect, suitable for mass production.

    Injection molding: used in machining complex shapes with high errors. Due to the characteristics of the process itself, the product does not require post-processing after molding, but only in the case of mass production can show the advantages of low cost.

    Die casting: high processing costs, only in the production of large quantities, the cost is reasonable. But the cost of the final product is relatively low, and the error is relatively high. It can be used to produce thin parts with thinner wall thickness.

    Spin casting: ideal for small parts, usually used in jewelry manufacturing. Rubber models can be used to reduce the cost of processing.

    Directional solidification: a very strong heat-resistant alloy with excellent fatigue resistance can be produced and poured into the mold, and then controlled by heating and cooling to eliminate any minor defects

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