Black and white simplified table
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Black and white simplified table


Scope of application: villa, courtyard, hotel
Material: cast iron flower pieces, forging flower parts, pipe, square steel, flat iron
Size: customer specified
Manufacturing process: hand forging, artificial grinding, machine bending, forging, casting
Antirust treatment:
1., antirust paint, brush five layers of paint, surface grinding, two layer primer paint, and then brush three layers to ensure the rust prevention effect, normal indoor use antirust effect up to 3-5 years.
2. hot galvanized, comprehensive hot plating, pipe drilling holes, to ensure the complete galvanized pipe inside and outside, successful outdoor use, rust prevention effect of up to 10 years.
3. cold galvanizing, the effect is worse than hot plating, but better than antirust paint
4. zinc spraying, zinc coating on the surface of the product
Special services:the company's products can provide door-to-door installation, maintenance services


Laiyuan Furniture Iron Table

Beautiful and sturdy

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